Be Aware...and thankful

One of my favorite websites to visit, besides, is On this site, you can find the significance of any month, day, or week. I was looking at April to see what we’re supposed to be celebrating, or aware of this month…and the answer is, quite a bit! There was a list of maybe 80 titles that April holds. Some of them are familiar, like Autism Awareness Month, Child Abuse Prevention Month, or Parkinson’s Awareness Month. Some are inspiring, such as Donate Life Month, Cancer Control Month, or Defeat Diabetes Month.  Others made me scratch my head…Brussel Sprouts and Cabbage Month, or how about Grilled Cheese Sandwich Month. That one I could really appreciate!

I didn’t list all those just to let you know to eat your brussel sprouts and to donate your organs. The running theme behind all of the above topics is to be aware, and to be thankful. There are so many diseases present today, the more aware you are, the less likely you may be to get one of them. Education is the first step of prevention.

Be thankful. Be thankful that there are doctors working to help people with Parkinson’s. Be thankful there are organ donors. Be thankful that people are beating cancer every day. Be thankful that grilled cheese sandwiches are delicious.

I’m thankful that we have a great group of EMTs and Paramedics who offer excellent patient care to patients who are trying to defeat diabetes, or any other disease that they may be fighting. I’m thankful that our wheelchair van drivers are asked for by name, by patients whose lives they’ve touched, simply by being kind. I’m thankful for each and every employee we have and for their skills, talents, and compassion.

So, in May when you find out that it’s National Smile Month, take a second to do just that…and be thankful that you can.