Ambulance service in Wayne County Ohio

Our fleet of ambulances includes two van style squads and two box style squads.  The van style provides a smoother ride, while the box style is bigger and used when more room is needed for extra personnel. 

Our ambulances are fully equipped and include LifePak 15 heart monitors, Portable Ventilators and IVAC Portable IV Pumps. 

Our crew members are all state certified, and many hold national certifications as well. We employ EMTs, Advanced EMTs and Paramedics. All of our crew members are required to attend continuing education. We offer many of these classes to our employees on site. This allows them to maintain a high level of proficiency in their skills.  All of our crew members are required to successfully complete an in house driving course, as well as go through EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operations Course).  Completing these two courses gives them the knowledge and tools needed to safely maneuver our ambulances and to drive using lights and sirens.

At Samaritan Care, we offer a high level of care and we make sure our employee orientation and training helps us to achieve and maintain that level. We are also constantly striving to rise above the status quo to provide the best care possible to our patients.

One of our standard operating guidelines that we feel sets us apart is requiring a third crew member for patients on ventilators. We also offer our crews the option to ask for another person for a critical patient. At Samaritan Care, patient care is always our first priority!

At Samaritan Care, our EMTs and Paramedics put forth their best efforts each and every day to get our patients to their destination safely and on time.