Insurance and Payment

When a loved one is transported by ambulance, many times the bill is the last thing on your mind. However, a little leg work at or before the transport can go a long way.

  • Know your insurance policy. Each policy is different and the only way to know for sure if ambulance transportation is a covered service is to read your policy or ask your provider directly. Many insurance companies require pre-authorization or pre-approval, which can be as simple as making a phone call to let them know the transport needs to happen.  Also, be aware of any co-pays or deductibles involved.
  • Make sure ambulance is the right mode of transportation. Many times if an insurance company does not feel a transport was “medically necessary” they will not pay for it, even if it is a covered service under your policy.
  • We bill all insurances directly. If there is a balance after insurance, the patient will then receive a bill. If a patient is self-pay, a bill will be sent to them. If you have any questions on your bill, feel free to call the number listed on the bill and ask for the billing department.
  • We are happy to set up a payment plan!  Just call our office and ask for the billing department.
  • Bills can be paid by sending a check to our mailing address.  Please make sure to include the patient ID and date of service on the check. Please do not send cash.
  • Bills can also now be paid by credit or debit card with our NEW SECURE ONLINE BILL PAY!  We accept VISA and MasterCard.