Our Fleet Has Been Updated!

The only thing constant in EMS is change. We upgrade our equipment, we upgrade our protocols, and we upgrade our vehicles. In February we purchased two new transit style ambulances. The transit style looks different than what everyone is used to from an ambulance, but it comes with many benefits. If anyone has ever ridden in an ambulance, you know they're not designed for comfort. The transits provide a much smoother ride. The patient compartment is a litle bigger, enabling our EMTs and Paramedics to be able to move around more freely. Perhaps the best change is the safety, for our patients, and our crews! For the patients, we have a new cot securing system that is state of the art. For our crews, they are now able to be seatbelted and have more freedom to move while treating the patient.

We're very excited to be able to upgrade our fleet. These new vehicles are sure to keep us "In Service For Life"!