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Be Aware...and thankful

One of my favorite websites to visit, besides, is On this site, you can find the significance of any month, day, or week. I was looking at April to see what we’re supposed to be celebrating, or aware of this month…and the answer is, quite a bit! There was a list of maybe 80 titles that April holds. Some of them are familiar, like Autism Awareness Month, Child Abuse Prevention Month, or Parkinson’s Awareness Month.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education

In order for our employees to keep their certifications up to date, they are required to do continuing education (CE).  Every 3 years EMTs need 40 hours, Intermediates need 60 hours and Paramedics need 86 hours. These hours can be obtained a few different ways. There are CE websites available, usually for a cost to the user. The fire departments in the area offer free CE to their members on a monthly basis. The local hospitals also offer free CEs to those in the area. Here at Samaritan Care, we offer monthly CEs to our employees.

Summer Greetings from Samaritan Care!

Summer Greetings from Samaritan Care! It’s June! I was curious to see what June’s claim to fame was. In my searching I found that June is a very special month for many things. June is Dairy month, which is pretty significant in Wayne County with this being a large farming community. June is also Accordion Awareness Month, Migraine Awareness Month, Surf Music Month and Safety Month. While the first three in that list are interesting, especially the Accordion Awareness Month, what catches my eye is Safety Month.

EMS Week

National EMS Week is May 19-25, 2013. This is a time to say thank you to EMS providers. It’s kind of a big deal because otherwise, this is kind of a thankless profession. This isn’t a career you get into to get rich, or get recognition. It’s a career you get into because you love it!

EMS providers come in many shapes and sizes and types. They may be volunteers, private EMS, or career people, but they all have one thing in common. The desire to help other people.