Screenings Save Lives

Breast Cancer Awareness Month at Samaritan Care

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This is a pretty well known fact. A lesser known fact is that October is Breast Cancer Awareness T-Shirt Month at Samaritan Care!  During the month of October, our crews, van drivers, and office staff ditch the normal navy blue uniform shirts and don black t-shirts with bright pink stars of life and the phrase “EMS For a Cure”.  It’s a nice change from our everyday uniform, and lets the community know we support the cause.

Our Fleet Has Been Updated!

The only thing constant in EMS is change. We upgrade our equipment, we upgrade our protocols, and we upgrade our vehicles. In February we purchased two new transit style ambulances. The transit style looks different than what everyone is used to from an ambulance, but it comes with many benefits. If anyone has ever ridden in an ambulance, you know they're not designed for comfort. The transits provide a much smoother ride. The patient compartment is a litle bigger, enabling our EMTs and Paramedics to be able to move around more freely.

Be Aware...and thankful

One of my favorite websites to visit, besides samcareambulance.com, is brownielocks.com. On this site, you can find the significance of any month, day, or week. I was looking at April to see what we’re supposed to be celebrating, or aware of this month…and the answer is, quite a bit! There was a list of maybe 80 titles that April holds. Some of them are familiar, like Autism Awareness Month, Child Abuse Prevention Month, or Parkinson’s Awareness Month.