Welcome to the age of technology...

We did it! We have a website! We have an online home. We're very excited about this step for Samaritan Care. This will help us to inform the community of the services we provide. It's also a convenient place to gather information if you just have a few questions. Perhaps the most exciting aspects right now are the Secure online bill pay and the Secure online application.

Need to make a payment on your account by credit card but it's 8:30 at night? Or you just don't feel like talking to anyone? Just bring up our website. Fill in the required information and we will send you a receipt by mail.

Want to apply for a position at Samaritan Care but you don't want to drive to Orrville? No problem! With our secure online application you can apply from the comfort of your home, or wherever you may be.

If you still want to do things the old fashioned way, we will still take your payment over the phone or if you want to drive to Orrville to apply, by all means have at it. But if you'd like to save yourself some time and energy, visit us at our new online home!