We've updated our fleet!

Samaritan Care Ambulances

In 2011 we purchased two 2012 van style squads. Many of you may have seen our bigger box style squads and might wonder why we went to the van style. The van style offer a smoother ride for our patient and are much more fuel efficient than the bigger box squads.  With rising fuel costs and the push to go green, these vehicles just made sense!

In 2012 we purchased two 2012 rear load wheelchair vans. Purchasing these vans enabled us to take more bariatric wheelchair patients. Before the purchase of these two vans, we only had one rear load van, as the rest were side load. The side load vans can’t handle as much weight, and we were extremely limited in our scheduling of bariatric patients. Now, all three of our regularly scheduled vans can accommodate a bariatric patient. This has dramatically increased our availability for this demographic. The new vans also provide a smoother ride than the older models we had