Our Team

In our opinion we have the best employees you’ll find. They are caring, compassionate, and extremely knowledgeable in their respective positions. Our EMTs, Paramedics, and Wheelchair Van Drivers take care of patients like they are their own family. The support staff in the office and our night time dispatchers have great relationships with the facilities and patients. What makes our employees the best isn’t their knowledge or experience, it’s that they WANT to be doing this job. For many of our employees this is the start of their career path, this is their passion. Many will go on to full time fire departments or careers in nursing or other health care professions.  Having someone take care of you who wants to, is a much better experience than being taken care of by someone who has to. In a world full of health care professionals, that’s what sets our employees apart, and they are what sets our company apart. A group of diverse individuals working for a common goal, to take exceptional care of our patients…because they want to!